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Jay – The TCK: Loneliness, Home & Dating!


Jay – The TCK is back with another batch of Third Culture Kid related videos. In this week’s videos Jay discusses the inherit feeling of loneliness that plagues all Third Culture Kids, discusses the concept of “home” and answers questions related to Third Culture Kid / Non-TCK dating. To subscribe to Jay – The TCK on Youtube, please click the banner at the bottom of the page. To visit Jay – The TCK’s website, click the banner above.

Letting Go & Loneliness (TCK Problems)

One of the hardest parts of being a TCK is letting go of the places and people they’ve met. Since TCKs often move, many TCKS, at some point in their lives will go through the pain of letting go and feeling lonely. In this video Jay discusses what it feels like to go through loneliness and letting go as a TCK.


Secret Thoughts of a Third Culture Kid

What if home isn’t necessarily a place? While it might be easy for others to say home is in one particular place, for TCKs home isn’t necessarily a place. Home for TCKs can be a feeling, where their loved ones are, or the many places they’ve lived. In this video, Jay shares secret thoughts TCKs have when they ask themselves where home is and suggests that TCKs should ask themselves “what is home” to start feeling at home a little more.


What it is like for a TCK to Date a Non-Third Culture Kid? Do we Fight a lot?

Jay has wanderlust often and is a contrast to her boyfriend who hasn’t travelled as much as she has. Although Jay has travel on her mind most of the time, she discusses what it’s like dating a non-TCK, some of the challenges she faces in the relationship and why she finds the relationship a fulfilling one.

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