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Depression, 4 Reasons Why Yours Is Getting Worse.

Why Is Your Depression Getting Worse?

Have you ever found yourself battling with what you thought would be a comparatively insignificant bout of depression only to realise that it is getting worse? For those of you who are well-versed in the hardships of depression, this article may be of interest to you. As I mentioned in a previous article about depression entitled, Motivate Yourself During A Depression, depression takes a toll on your energy reserves and the cost of “being positive” and “getting your act together” are inflated during periods of depression. Just as it is easier for a positive person to keep a positive mindset, it is also easier for someone suffering from depression to keep a negative mindset. Converting the negative mindset to a positive mindset costs energy that you don’t have. This is why it can be hard for people who are suffering from depression to break out of it. What all people need during this time is to replenish their energy reserves. Different ways to replenish your energy reserves will be covered in next week’s article so click here to be notified when it’s published. Meanwhile, here are the 4 reasons why your depression is getting worse.

Keeping Up Appearances

A lot of people spend a copious amount of energy trying to maintain the appearance of happiness and well-being. Doing this during a time when your energy reserves are at an all-time low will only serve to make the steep hill to recovery that much steeper. What’s worse, most people around you will be able to tell what state you’re really in, which makes it even more of a waste of energy. So, instead of spending time maintaining what is essentially a lie, let go of your inhibitions and accept your depression for what it is. This pertains to how you talk just as much as to how you look. If you find yourself trying to spin each negative into a positive in front of your friends, or trying to conceal the reason for your depression to your loved ones, consider how much harm it is doing to you and cut it out.

Doing Too Much

This is something that definitely pertains to energy levels. A lot of people go about their daily lives during a period of depression expecting to do all the things they were able to before they became depressed. This is simply unrealistic. As I said in the introduction to this article, people who are suffering from depression find themselves with low energy reserves in an environment where energy prices are high. Imagine being dirt-poor during an economic downturn. You wouldn’t buy every little thing in the shop would you? The same applies here. You have to know that you won’t be able to do all the things that you usually do and be ready to accept that. Forgive yourself for doing less. If the house is messy, accept it. If your clothes are unwashed, accept it. If your sloppy with the cooking, accept it. Don’t beat yourself up about it, because that will only make your depression worse.


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Being Self-Critical

This has perhaps the biggest impact on how your depression develops. Keeping with the analogy of energy cost and energy levels, negativity is the depressed persons cheapest form of currency. In other words, it doesn’t cost much for a depressed person to be negative. So when we are looking over our To Do List and mumbling expletives over the fact that we slept for an extra hour and missed an important task or just didn’t have the energy to take out the trash, it is easier for us to scold ourselves than to give us some slack. Likewise with how we do things. Just because we are the same person doesn’t mean we won’t be impacted by the state of mind that we’re in and therefore mess up every once in a while. Your most valuable weapon against depression is self-compassion, so wield it.

Ironically… Doing Too Little

Whereas some people try tirelessly to maintain the same output during a depression as they would normally do, some use depression as an excuse to cease all activity. Again, this is because energy reserves are too low. But this is where you have to think of your recovery as an investment. Perhaps you have to borrow some energy (use some of the energy that you don’t really have) to pull yourself out of the deepest part of your depression. By doing something as basic as maintaining a daily routine, you may find your energy levels being replenished and yourself ready to invest more energy in your recovery.

Philip Andersson

Life Coach

Cross Culture Therapy


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Philip Andersson – Life Coach

Philip Andersson is a life-coach who is currently studying to become a psychotherapist. He treats people suffering from depression, phobias and anxiety. Having been raised in Hong Kong and having lived in England and Japan as an adult, Philip also treats people who are overcome with feelings of displacement and rudderlessness associated with a global-nomad lifestyle such as Third Culture Kids, Cross Culture Kids, Migrants and Asylum Seekers.

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