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Depression & Body Image

We are continuing with our weekly segment answering your questions about depression, anxiety, phobia and general life-problem. For this edition, we are responding to questions about body image from the website Quora , Youtube and Email. In the future, we hope to answer your questions, so please contact us via email ( or any of our social media accounts. All questions will be answered without using your name for reasons of anonymity.

COMMENT: life is FAR harsher for those of us who do not meet a certain baseline of looks (and for men, perhaps even more importantly, height). in fact, depression & loneliness are not always mental health issues but instead are often just natural reactions to long term failure & rejection when it comes to dating & relationships.

【Quote】This quote will serve as a teaser for this week's video and article. Tomorrow we will be discussing body image…

Posted by Cross Culture Therapy on Saturday, 2 November 2019

RESPONSE: A lot of people suffer from poor body image. Contrary to popular belief, there are many men who suffer from depression related to poor body image. For some statistics on body image please see the video above. One thing that I would recommend is to reset your success metric. This takes a lot of time, discipline and self-reflection but establishing where you find your value is very important to achieving a high level of self-esteem. Then there are also ways in which you can improve your looks and I would recommend you to take active steps towards doing this within reason. Also, don’t forget that looks wither over time and when it comes to successful long-term relationships, personality trumps looks. You will find that a lot of traditionally “good looking” people have difficulty rooting themselves in a steady relationship after the honeymoon period has worn off. Sexual relationships tend to fade and are subsequently replaced by companionship. Find ways in which you can work towards achieving that. For a more detailed answer, please see the video.

Philip Andersson

Life Coach

Cross Culture Therapy


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Philip Andersson – Counsellor

Philip Andersson is a life-coach who is currently studying to become a psychotherapist. He treats people suffering from depression, phobias and anxiety. Having been raised in Hong Kong and having lived in England and Japan as an adult, Philip also treats people who are overcome with feelings of displacement and rudderlessness associated with a global-nomad lifestyle such as Third Culture Kids, Cross Culture Kids, Migrants and Asylum Seekers.

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