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Depression, How The Media And Romanticism Cause It.

Carrying on with our ruthless examination of modern society and how it causes depression and anxiety in people, we have chosen to take a closer look at the media and romanticism and to analyse their affect on the psyche. Now, before you write us off as traditionalists or preachers for a return to cavemen times, we must say that we love the times we live in and all the benefits in gives us in form of technology and health care. There are however, as you will read in the article below, aspects that lead to depression and anxiety. Below is an honest review of two of them.

How The Media Causes Depression And Anxiety

Needless to say there are a lot of good things about the media. Without it, we would be less informed about what is happening in the world around us. Unfortunately, it is also in its nature to over-simplify the problems in society. More often than not, it is far too quick to find a scapegoat for our problems or an emblematic monster for us to fight against. At the same time it also denies us the agency needed to fight it and offers us few solutions. This leads to outrage which in turn can lead to mob justice the likes of which we’ve seen in pre-WW2 Germany or in the increasing left-right divide in American politics.

It also forces us to have an opinion about everything. Do we dare to ask ourselves, do I need to have an opinion about what is going on in a country 3,000 miles away? Do I need to have an opinion about how the economy should work? Of course it is good if you are informed enough to have a knowledgable opinion about these things but more often than not we are simply presented with negative news and expected to have an opinion based solely on what we’ve seen in a thirty second video clip.

The solution here would be to look closer to home for our news, news that is more closely related to our lives and experiences. After all, these are things that you can do something about. If you hear that your local Post Office is being closed down, you can petition to have it stopped. If you hear that the teachers at your kid’s school are underperforming, you can let your voice be heard. By minimising your intake of global news – news of events in a far-flung place – you will relieve yourself of the anxiety that comes with not being able to do anything about it and the depression that stems from the hopelessness of knowing about injustices and feeling powerless to stop them.

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How Romanticism Leads To Depression And Anxiety

Romanticism tells us that each of us has one special person out there waiting for them. Whilst this can be an idea well suited to the entertainment industry, it has done little than caused pain and anguish in our lives and led many people to suffer from depression and anxiety. This is in much part due to its “it’s always greener on the other side” mentality. With romanticism we are set up to fail. We will always be unsure of whether the person we are with is truly “the one” and not someone we have simply settled for. This again, puts the onus on us. We are responsible for our inability to find the person waiting for us. We are the one’s messing it up, not the world around us.

It is in the comparison of reality and fantasy, the ultimate triumph of fantasy and the notion of us as being responsible for it, where our depression is born. A solution here would be to accept that we have believed in a fantasy, to not blame ourselves and seek out strong relationships based on friendship and non-sexual love.

Philip Andersson

Life Coach

Cross Culture Therapy


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Philip Andersson – Life Coach

Philip Andersson is a life-coach who is currently studying to become a psychotherapist. He treats people suffering from depression, phobias and anxiety. Having been raised in Hong Kong and having lived in England and Japan as an adult, Philip also treats people who are overcome with feelings of displacement and rudderlessness associated with a global-nomad lifestyle such as Third Culture Kids, Cross Culture Kids, Migrants and Asylum Seekers.

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