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Jay the Third Culture Kid – Part 3

The third edition of our series Jay the TCK. Jay the Third Culture Kid presents another set of video clips where Third Culture Kids explain how they deal with the question of where they belong. For more videos, see lasts week’s post and subscribe!



The hardest question for Jasmin to answer is where are you from/where is home? It’s especially hard for her to answer the question in Los Angeles, where she now lives. She’s half Iranian and half American. She was born in Africa but grew up in multiple cities in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. It’s become clear to Jasmin over the years that home isn’t a place but where her loved ones are in the world.




Being a TCK has taught Soline a lot about what it means to be a TCK and how others view TCKs. She’s discovered that being a TCK causes contradictions with how a TCKs see themselves, yet it gives TCKs the opportunity to feel at home anywhere but it can cause others who haven’t had the same experiences as TCKs to see them as different or foreign. Soline grew up in a multicultural environment with her mom being of Chinese origin but born and raised in Vietnam and her dad raised and born in France with Austrian-Russian roots.




Ever since Christian grew up in Uganda, his desire to travel the world has sent him to 45 countries and counting. Born in Sweden, he moved to Uganda when his parents worked for a NGO when he was young. Christian’s definition of home is wherever his heart is. He currently resides in Sweden but doesn’t find himself as a typical Swede because of the experiences that shaped him in Africa.


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