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New Series – Jay the TCK!

Cross Culture Therapy is proud to announce it’s new partnership with Jay the TCK. Not only does Jay create and host great content on her website, she has a youtube channel featuring videos of Third Culture Kids expressing their views about how they grew up and how they deal with the age-old TCK question, where are you from? Jay also shares her insights and experiences in several videos on her youtube channel.


Where is home? For Rob, home is a strange concept since he was raised between Oslo and Beijing his whole life. He doesn’t really know where to call home, but if he had to choose, it’s Beijing. It was in Beijing where he formed most of his identity, learned more about who he was and his roots. Although he now resides in Oslo, he bridges the two places he grew up in by using both English and Chinese in his music.



Jordan’s TCK journey started when she moved to Saudi Arabia with her family at three months old. She’s finds it easier to say she’s from the town she was born in rather than the numerous places she’s lived. When she does tell people in detail about the places she’s lived, she finds they either think she’s lying, bragging, or telling them she isn’t Canadian because of where she’s lived. Home to Jordan isn’t about the places she’s lived but wherever her family is.



Laurie was devastated when she had to move from South Africa to Rwanda. She had been living for a year and half in South Africa and didn’t want to leave her friends and her life there. However, once she moved to Rwanda, she realized it was the best step for her and her family since all of them were living in the same country again. Laurie’s early moves was due to her parents’ careers. She lived in Haiti until she was three years old and moved with her family to Botswana. She lived there for six years before moving to South Africa. Laurie moved to Rhode Island in the US to finish her last three years of high school and somewhere between Rwanda and Rhode Island she started the Instagram page called “tckproblems” to figure out what it meant to be a TCK and all the things that come with being a TCK.


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