People Suffering From Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety disorders affects over 40 million people in America alone. They develop from a complex set of risk factors including, genetics, brain chemistry, personality and life events. Fortunately, anxiety disorders such as General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) can be treated through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Whereas traditional forms of therapy such as Psychodynamic therapy focuses on delving into matters of the past and showcasing how they reflect on the client’s view of the present, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT, specialises in treating the symptoms of the problem and is therefore perfectly suited for these types of disorders. To take our CPRS Anxiety Test, click here.

Source: Anxiety & Depression Association of America

People Suffering From Depression Or Phobias

We all have ups and downs in our life and in most cases these subside over time but clinical depression is a mood disorder that causes distressing symptoms that affect how you feel, think and handle daily activities such as sleeping, eating or working. In order to be diagnosed with depression, symptoms have to be present every day for at least two weeks. Currently, 322 million people suffer from depression worldwide. Affective forms of treatment for depression are exercise (in cases of mild depression), psychotherapy (in cases of moderate depression) and even medication (in cases of deep depression). To take our CPRS Depression Test, click here.


Source: National Institute of Mental Health

Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kids are people who have spent a considerable amount of their childhood living in a country different to the birth country of their parents. Examples of Third Culture Kids – or TCKs for short – include missionary kids or military brats as well as sons and daughters of people working with international finance or diplomacy. Third Culture Kids tend to suffer from anxiety related to feelings of displacement and rudderlessness. These feelings, although present in childhood as well, tend to blossom when the TCKs reach adulthood, at which time they are called Adult Third Culture Kids.

Cross Culture Kids

A Cross Culture Kid is someone who has lived in or is currently living in or has meaningfully interacted with two or more cultural environments for a specific amount of time during their first 18-years of life. Typical examples of Cross Culture Kids include international adoptees or bicultural children. A lot of Cross Culture Kids suffer from anxiety related to identity issues. The preferred treatment for such issues would be psychodynamic therapy as it examines how different drives (impulses and urges) can cause intrapsychic conflict within the patient. For most CCKs, their allegiance to both cultural backgrounds is the cause of their inner conflict.

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