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Submit your TCK Story for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card!

Share your experiences of growing up as a Third Culture Kid for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card worth 50 USD just in time for the holiday season!

This autumn, we at Cross Culture Therapy will be soliciting our faithful readers to submit their own TCK Stories. What is a TCK Story you may ask? TCK Stories is Cross Culture Therapy’s flagship blog series, a place for all TCKs, ATCKs, CCKs, etc to share their experiences (both positive and negative) of growing up global. Not only is it a community building initiative, it also allows our therapists to gain a wider scope into the feelings of Third Culture Kids and to analyse the variables that may affect the experience.



We are looking for submissions of 1-3 pages in length with accompanying photographs. The story should be written in chronological order, telling us where you were born and where you moved to during your childhood. It should also offer detailed accounts of how you felt during the different stages of your childhood in regards to the Third Culture Kid experience. For an example of a TCK Story click here.

Please submit your story via email ( in either a .docx or .doc format, with your photographs (at least 2) attached in either a .jpeg .jpg or .png file. Submission deadline is 29th November 2018. A tweet will be published 30th November 2018 with the names of the people who have submitted their story. Participants who do not see their name in the tweet, have until the following day to contact us. The winner of the Amazon Gift Card will be chosen by raffle (not by quality of submission) and announced 2nd December 2018 via Facebook.

*  Cross Culture Therapy reserves the right to offer the winner the cash equivalent of the value of the Amazon Gift Card should the winner reside in a country where Amazon is not available. If the winner resides outside the USA, the value of the gift card will be determined by the exchange rate 2nd December 2018 and the nearest equivalent value will be purchased on the winner’s behalf.


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